GFFSAT1 TAK Model 47 & SKS Front Sight Adjustment Tool

GFFSAT1 TAK Model 47 & SKS Front Sight Adjustment Tool
Front Sight Adjusting Tool for 7.62X39 and SKS
Weight: 4.6 oz.
Front Sight Adjustment Tool for AK-SK/S Windage & Elevation Tool 7.62x39

7.62x39 & SKS Front Sight Adjust Tool Heavy Duty Elevation Adjustment

This tool is used to adjust windage and elevation.
Adjust Front Sight From Both Side to Side & Up and Down.
Easily and accurately adjust your front sight with this front sight adjustment tool specially design for SKS and 7.62x39 rifles.
    Compatible with 7.62x39 and SKS
    Adjusts windage and elevation
    Material: Carbon steel construction
    Dimensions: 2"  x 2.5" 
    Weight: 5.2 oz.  

7.62x39mm Heavy Duty Rifle Front Sight Tool Adjustment Windage Elavation Steel
SKS, AK47, MAK, SLR95, Windage/Elevation Front Sight Adjustment Gunsmithing Tool
An Essential Tool to Make Fine Windage and Elevation Adjustments to the Front Sight of your Rifles
Completely New Design to Achieve Most Stabilized and Controlled Adjustment
Ergonomic Grip Comfort and Higher Strength
Weight: 100g
Material: Steel
Color: Black

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