GFM021-2 See-through Riser Scope Mount 3/4 " Heavy Duty Riser Rail
See-through Riser Scope Mount 3/4" Rail Picatinny Rail Riser flat top
heavy duty riser rail

3/4 inch heavy duty riser rail, FLAT TOP RIFLE SEE-THRU RISER BASE SCOPE MOUNT WEAVER FOR 20MM Weaver/Picatinny Rails

1.New Gen. Style Riser Mount with See-thru Design

2. Attches to Flattop weaver rails to raise the sight by 0.75''

3. Clever retention thumb nuts and locking plate for easy and quick installation.

4. Has 14 slots to adjust for proper scope position.

3/4 inch Saddle height with See-through Design


Fit Weaver/Picatinny Rails


total height: 1 inch

Weight:6.4 oz

Material:High Quality Aluminum

Color: Matte Black

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